Green Energy Consultants

Partner can assist purchasers of buildings in understanding the building's energy efficiency. Across the country, more and more localities are requiring commercial building owners to benchmark their energy use data, which measures how a building rates against similar buildings within its class, and then disclose their energy rating. The states of California and Washington, D.C. were the first to have comprehensive laws mandating disclosure of non-residential buildings' energy rates, while major cities like New York, Austin and Seattle have also passed similar laws. Partner is here to help building owners by evaluating their building's energy usage and advising owners on how they can save energy. Whether it is a new construction project, major building renovation, commercial interior or existing building, Partner will help you build green and build smart.

Partner, together with our sister company Partner Energy, will evaluate various energy conservation and generation strategies and find specific places where we can save you money through more efficient energy use and smart capital investment. We offer the assistance to lead you through the following steps to make the complicated Energy Star Ratings Certification process easy:

  • Assess Performance
  • Set Goals for Energy Reduction
  • Design Energy Reduction
  • Manage Building's Energy Use
  • Facilitate Performance Recognition